RSA Course in Sydney: Why You Should Apply
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RSA Course in Sydney: Why You Should Apply

If you plan to work at licenced premises (a place where alcohol is sold), you must complete competency training in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course in Sydney. You could be penalised if you need proof that you’ve completed the RSA training required to work in licenced establishments.

What Exactly is An RSA Certificate?

The RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) is a certificate that proves you understand the laws governing alcohol consumption in Australia. It is required if you wish to work in the hospitality industry. You earn an RSA by taking a particular course, which is required in all states. With this certificate, you can work in any establishment that serves or sells alcohol (restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, and bottle shops). RSA training will teach you how to serve alcohol responsibly by detecting drunk consumers and underage drinkers. This course will also raise awareness and help to prevent drunk driving. It will also assist you in understanding the laws governing alcohol and its consumption in Australia. You will also learn how to measure standard drinks and sell and serve alcohol legally.

RSA Sydney in Edway’s Classroom

If you live in Sydney and want to go to a certificate centre, we recommend the recognised organisation Edway (RTO 91401). The course will take you one day, and you will leave with your certificate. Many people prefer to take their RSA in Sydney in a classroom setting. However, it is sometimes simply easier if you do not travel with a laptop or have a consistent internet connection. For such travellers, we recommend taking your RSA with Edway (RTO 91401) in Sydney. Darlinghurst, Seven Hills, and Mona Vale are the CBD training locations. The course will take one day, but you will depart with a certificate.

What Are the RSA Training Requirements?

Participants must present a valid form of identification. Passports, driver’s licences, student cards, and proof of age cards are all acceptable. You must also attend at least 15 minutes before the course begins. You can complete the relevant documentation ahead of time this way.

So, whether you’ve previously registered in professional courses to become a bartender or a gaming venue attendee, the RSA and RCG course by Edway Training is a must-attend. Take your time and make yourself the best candidate in this field. Those who are already employed and want to update or upgrade their profile can also participate in the one-day training programme.