Open The Door To A Successful Career In Hospitality With An RSA Online Training Course

RSA Online Training Course

When you want to work in a job that requires the serving or selling of alcohol within Australia, you need to have the necessary Responsible Serving of Alcohol training.  Visit Edway Training today to book your RSA online course!

RSA training is provided to servers and sellers of alcohol as an educational platform to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking.

Alcohol is an indulgence that many partake in, whether in the comfort of their own homes or at alcohol-serving establishments such as restaurants and bars. But, although you don’t need an RSA certificate to serve liquor in your own home, you do need one to serve and sell alcoholic beverages in licensed public commodities. Attaining an RSA certificate ensures you understand the risks associated with alcohol consumption and ensure the safety of those you are serving or selling to.

Edway Training provides a convenient online Responsible Serving of Alcohol course, recognised in several Australian states. Our course covers a broad base of alcohol-related topics to provide a well-rounded education on the Responsible Serving of Alcohol. So, visit our website to schedule your online course!

Looking For A Job In Hospitality? Four Jobs You Can Get With A RSA Certificate. 

In the hospitality industry, you must adhere to stringent quality standards and regulations, often requiring certain qualifications before being employed. Fortunately, once you have your RSA certificate, there are several jobs available to you to further your hospitality career. Let’s discuss:

  • Bartender. Bartenders are the most associated with serving alcohol and require an RSA certification. Working directly with alcoholic products, serving the public, checking identification, and assessing signs of intoxication are all part of the job and skills you learn through an RSA course.
  • Casual event staff. When you have an RSA certification, you have plenty of options to earn extra money serving drinks at a casual event or festival.
  • Venue security. Although a security role does not pour or serve alcohol to patrons, it requires knowledge and experience in checking identification and assessing the signs of intoxication. In addition, security staff should have a thorough knowledge of the substance and the risks associated with alcohol abuse.
  • Bar manager. Managerial roles require a valid RSA certificate, allowing you to order and store stock, pour and serve drinks, check the authenticity of identification, assess intoxication, and manage the general distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Acquiring a Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate opens the door for people to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, exposing them to various on-the-job experiences and learning opportunities.

Visit Edway Training today to book your RSA online course!