What You Need To Know About Traffic Control In Melbourne

Traffic control may seem like an easy and straightforward job but it is easy to underestimate its importance.


During essential road-works, traffic managers are key to ensuring that people are able to get where they need to go. When a major storm causes flooding or fallen trees, traffic controllers can be the only source of assistance for those who are struggling to find an alternate route. Traffic controllers have to be quick thinkers and good communicators in order to make sure traffic queues don’t become too long.


Because traffic management is such an important job, it is not able to be performed in Australia without a permit. To become a traffic controller in Melbourne, you must first undertake a one day course with a registered organisation. This will qualify you to hold the all-important ‘stop/slow bat’ that is the difference between control and chaos.


How do you get a traffic control job in Melbourne?


To qualify as a traffic controller in Melbourne, enrol for a local course in Traffic Control. The day long session will cover the basics of traffic management and traffic safety. It will enable you to minimise the risks of working with moving traffic and show you how to control traffic safely and effectively. You will also learn how to use a two-way radio and how to manage traffic in an emergency situation.


Generally a traffic control course does require you to have a valid driver’s licence. When you are on the job, you will need protective footwear and be expected to wear high-visibility clothing. This will likely be expected on the day of your training as well.


Once you have completed the traffic control course and proven your knowledge, you’ll be granted a licence that is valid in the state of Victoria. Add the qualification to your resume and make sure you are able to show your permit at job interviews to improve your odds of being hired.


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