Mental Health First Aid In Sydney: Intercept At The First Sign Of Distress

Mental Health First Aid

In today’s fast-paced, often overwhelming society, it is increasingly easy to develop mental health issues. From workplace conflicts to losing a loved one, your mental health is often the first to be affected, but it is also the most overlooked health issue.

This is why Edway Training offers mental health first aid training in Sydney, so you can efficiently identify early signs of emotional and mental distress and help the affected persons navigate their situations in a healthy, productive, and safe way. As stigmatised as mental health is, often seen as a weakness, it’s no different to sustaining a physical injury. The only difference is that it is not immediately apparent, but it is a real affliction just like any other.

Unfortunately, mental health issues are often misinterpreted and therefore go for extended periods of time without treatment. However, this comes with significant downfalls, especially in the workplace. Employees may become less motivated, not interested in collaboration, and will likely begin to find reasons to stay away from work. Intervention should be set in motion at the first sign of despondency, and appropriate help and guidance should be made available to all employees concerned about their mental health.

Workplaces in every industry should emphasise the availability of mental health first aid in Sydney, and Edway Training can help! So, visit our website to learn more about our courses!


One of the most significant contributors to mental health issues in the workplace is not being heard. Employees should feel that they can voice their concerns and have the appropriate action taken to rectify the situation. Whether it’s stress, personal issues or sexual harassment in the workplace, employees have a right to report the issue, but this is often where the cycle ends. Accounts often fall on deaf ears, and that is, unfortunately, when mental health issues are left to fester into outward expressions.

Attentively listening is the first step to helping someone struggling with their mental health and will give you a clear path to follow in offering assistance.


Once you have listened carefully and compassionately, you can respond. However, it’s important to respond with the right approach, information and support. This is where mental health first aid training comes in.

With the number of mental health cases rising every day, businesses across Australia are investing in mental health first aid training. So, whether an employee is fighting a personal crisis or an uncomfortable workplace situation, you are fully equipped to help them manage and overcome.

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