Traffic Control Melbourne

Traffic Control training course provides required competency for persons involved in controlling traffic using a stop-slow bat.


Edway Training, with confirmation from the Victorian Government, will be offering limited training services onsite. This is to assist permitted work premises and permitted workers to obtain necessary qualifications, specifically in the areas of First Aid and Construction work.

All courses will follow strict COVID-19 precautions and requirements based on guidelines set out by the Victorian Government for permitted workplaces.

These include;

  • Edway Training will abide by and have available at all times a COVIDSafe Plan
  • All Edway Training staff have completed COVID-19 Infection Control Training
  • Edway Training will offer hand sanitation stations in every classroom and at the entrance and exit of our building.
  • All staff and students will be required to sign a declaration that they are free of any signs or symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), and or close contact of anyone who has tested positive.
  • All student and staff are required to wear a facemask at all times.
  • All staff and students are required to have their temperature is taken prior to entry into classes.
  • All classes will be conducted abiding by the 4sqm and 1.5m social distancing guidelines.
  • Classes will have regular breaks every 2 hours.
  • Edway Training’s staff will sanitise all surfaces and high contact items such as door handles at each break and air the room during the break.
  • During breaks, student will be required to maintain social distancing and to spend as much of the break outside as possible.


8 Hours


Hallam, Sunshine


Online Payment: $200

Course Overview

Control Traffic with the Stop-Slow BatRIIWHS205D

  • Certificate Issued on the Day
  • 8 Hours
  • In Person
  • Nationally Accredited

Traffic Control training course provides required competency for persons involved in controlling traffic using a stop-slow bat.

Edway is Nationally Recognised & Accepted
by all Employers

Nationally Recognised Traffic Control Training


VIC Roads has following training requirements:

  • Before undertaking the tasks of a Traffic Controller on a public road, a person must successfully complete Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat RIIWHS205D training course.
  • A person should attend Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat RIIWHS205D refresher course every three years.
  • A valid Traffic Controller’s Statement of Attainment must be carried at all times when operating as a Traffic Controller.
  • Upon request, the Traffic Controller’s Statement of Attainment must be presented to any Police officer, WorkSafe office, VicRoads officer, Municipal Council Authorised Officer or other person in-charge of a worksite or their delegate.

Traffic Control training course provides required skills and knowledge for the Traffic Controllers to ensure safety of traffic controllers, fellow workers, motorists and other road users; enable works at the site to be conducted safely by minimising the risks associated with traffic movement; control traffic in a professional manner to enable drivers to negotiate through, past, or around the work site safely; ensure that indication given to the traffic is consistent with the display provided by the traffic signals; maintain traffic control in emergencies and other difficult situations and minimise delays to traffic.

The course covers topics such as plan and prepare, control traffic, operate communication devices and clean up.

The class consists of Powerpoint presentation, videos, practical activities and end of the day practical and theory assessments.

Course Requirements

  1. CLOTHING To safely perform practical activities, participants are required to wear comfortable closed-in shoes.
    THE TRAINER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY TO THE CLASS if appropriate shoes are not worn.
    Participants must provide one form of photo I.D. (e.g. passport, driver’s licence, proof of age card, student card).
    STATEMENT OF ATTAINMENT WILL NOT BE ISSUED if participants do not provide a valid form of I.D.
    Participants should arrive 15 minutes prior the scheduled starting time of the course to the complete necessary registration paperwork.
    ENTRY TO THE COURSE WILL BE REFUSED if participants arrive 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time.
  4. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND NUMERACY (LLN)As part of our pre-training review, all students are required to complete an LLN indicator to determine a student’s eligibility for enrolment into their selected course.All students enrolling into any Edway Training course must have sufficient LLN skills to do simple calculations, understand English well enough to be able to read, write, and provide verbal responses to questions in English to undertake training and assessment in any of our courses.For further information on student support services please refer to the student handbook.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive:

  • Statement of Attainment (which is issued on the day of training)
  • Plastic wallet size card (which will be mailed after the course)

Course Locations

SUNSHINE 2 Hampton Avenue, Sunshine VIC 3020
HALLAM 2/35 Rimfire Drive, Hallam VIC 3803
Check Map, Public Transport and Parking Information


Pay when booking online.
Payment Method: VISA and MASTERCARD payments are accepted (0% surcharge fee).

This payment method ONLY applies to companies and employment agencies.
A valid Purchase Order / Authority to Invoice MUST be submitted prior to the day of training.
For more information, please refer to the ‘Invoice Payment Procedure’ section of the confirmation email.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Training Provider Information

Traffic Control training course is delivered and certificates are issued by the Edway Training (RTO No 91401).

Edway Training is approved by Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver this training course.

Important USI Requirement

From 1 January 2015, every student who undertakes nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia is required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Students can use their USI to access their enrolment and achievement record from a single online source. The USI is made up of ten numbers and letters. A USI account will contain all of a student’s nationally recognised training records and results since 1 January 2015.


  • Edway Training will verify your USI before a certificate or statement can be issued.
  • You can apply for your USI after completing this registration process here

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Our 8 Hour course fits neatly into busy schedules. The course time is 9.00 am – 5.00pm and the classes are offered though the week (including Saturdays) from 2 locations (Hallam and Sunshine). For more information, please refer to the training calendar.

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