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Make sure your RSA is valid for your summer events

During the summer months, Australians enjoy outdoor events. Community fairs, expos and music festivals give them the opportunity to enjoy an alcoholic drink in the sun.


As a server of alcohol, it is important to remember that valid RSA certificates are required of anybody pouring drinks. This applies no matter how small your event and no matter what your location is.


Even if the event is a one-off, all servers must be RSA qualified.


The penalties for serving alcohol without an RSA in states that require one start at $55 for a person who does not comply when asked to display their qualification. Fines of over $1000 apply for:

  • Failing to keep a register containing current RSA certificates for all staff.
  • Permitting staff to sell, supply or serve alcohol on premises if the staff member does not hold a recognised RSA certification.


Fines also apply if the licensee themselves does not hold current, recognised RSA certification. There is also the potential for additional fines or for the matter to be directed to court.


You may be surprised to know that even crowd controllers / security staff are required to hold a valid RSA. Both the employee and the venue licensee can be fined for breaching this requirement.


How to get an RSA?

While the requirements for serving alcohol in some states of Australia are strict, it is an easy and fast process for workers to be granted an RSA in order to comply with regulations. Staff can attend a one day course that will result in them being qualified as a responsible server of alcohol.


Don’t risk being fined this summer – make sure everybody serving alcohol at your event holds a valid RSA.


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