Main Benefits Of Enrolling in An Advanced First Aid Course

First Aid Course

The Advanced First Aid training course explains the skills and information needed to deliver an advanced first aid response, including incident management and coordination with other first responders until medical or other assistance arrives.

Begin saving lives right away! First Aid is a life-saving skill that benefits people of all ages and occupations. You are ready to master this widely acknowledged skill set if you are reasonably mobile and fit enough to perform CPR for at least 2 minutes.

The Basic First Aid Course will prepare you for Sydney’s Advanced First Aid Course. A specialised staff of highly qualified, professional healthcare trainers and examiners runs the course. It is interactive, realistic, and has scenario-based activities to complete.

First Aid Advanced

Advanced First Aid, often known as Level 3 first aid, is intended for people seeking a more complete and in-depth understanding of first aid events and crises. The course digs into the pathophysiology of many more disorders and addresses anatomy as it relates to the duty of a first responder. The aim is that participants will depart able to assess a casualty and initiate treatment processes comprehensively. Throughout the course, realistic simulations integrating all course information are run. An Advanced First Aid Training Course is necessary or strongly recommended for various professions in various industries, from surf lifesaving to security and defence.

Who Should Get Advanced First Aid Training?

The advanced training course is intended for non-EMS responders, such as those in the following occupations.

  • An employee of the government
  • Employees of corporations
  • enforcing the law
  • Officers in prison and corrections
  • Pool attendants and lifeguards
  • Security guards

The advanced course is also available to persons not involved in EMS or healthcare but who want or need certification at this level. If you already have basic first-aid training, the advanced course will supplement what you already know.

Trainers With Extensive Experience

Our trainers have a wide range of experience. They are primarily from medical backgrounds and have real-world experience to demonstrate the utility of first aid and CPR training. Listen to their stories and be inspired by their excitement for the course and its important content. Our trainers are the foundation of Edway Training, and you will leave feeling incredibly confident in your abilities.

A nationally acknowledged Statement of Attainment is recognised across Australia. Apply for the advanced first aid training course right away!