How to land Bartending Jobs now you have an RSA Certificate

Ok, so you’ve recently passed your RSA Certificate, and you’d really like to find Bartending jobs?  For many reasons, bartending jobs often have a high turnover of staff, so finding work is actually easier than what you think. If you think you’ve got the perfect bartending personality, the ability to keep working into the wee hours of the morning, and you’ve already got your RSA Certificate a guide; it’s time to start skilling up future bartending jobs.

Practice Makes Perfect Cocktails

Mixing and pouring alcoholic beverages is a lot trickier than what you think. For a bit of an insight, try a YouTube series called Bartending Made Simple by WebWizard. Not only can you find info about all the different bartending tools you’ll be expected to know, but the tutorials run through how to practice most of the important skills you’ll need to master.

Know You Drinks

How to land Bartending jobs with an RSAYou need to get to know some of the more popular mixed drinks which are surprisingly regularly ordered. Manuals are great, but, there are plenty of apps that have lists of common mixed drinks and cocktails ingredients and the method of making them. Two of our favourite free apps which are perfect for bartending jobs, are ‘DrinksFree’ and ‘CocktailParty’ both iOS and Android friendly.

Go To Pubs, But Not To Drink

Note the way local bartenders interact with customers, how they hold a glass or bottle, and even how they clean up. Maybe tell them you’ve just got your RSA certificate and you’re looking for a few tips. Most bartenders will probably be a flattered you’re interested in what they do, so they might even let you into their best secrets.

Learn On The Job, or Volunteer

Once they have their RSA certificate, most Australians learn their craft as they work tending bars. Chat to your local pub or bar owner, and see if they’re willing to have someone they can train bartending skills too. Be prepared to go in when the bar is the least busy, and be willing to practice at home until you get it right.

Try Everywhere

Personal presentation counts a lot when applying for bartending jobs, so wear the gear you will wear to work, be well groomed, approach hotel and restaurant managers and politely ask if they know of any work available. If the answer is no, leave a well written resume and say thank you. Sooner or later you should receive a call with a lead for a job.

Your local pub or club could be more willing give more inexperienced staff a try.  Now you have your RSA certificate, you should be able to find at least part-time work if you have the right sort of qualities in demand for bartending jobs.

If you haven’t yet completed an RSA certificate you will not be allowed to serve alcohol in any premises in NSW or Victoria.

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