Is Online White Card Course Better Than Face-To-Face Classes in Sydney?

online white card course

If you’re planning to work in the construction industry, the first thing you will need to get is proper certification. After all, certification is a major requirement for everyone working in construction. But what is the best way to get certified? Would it be better to take the Online White Card course rather than attend face-to-face classes in Sydney?

Online White Card Course vs Face-To-Face Class: Which Is Better?

In Sydney, there are two options if you want to get General Construction Induction Training. You can either go for the online White Card course or take the face-to-face classes available from several Sydney providers. But which is the best option for you? 

First, you will need to consider what would work for you. For face-to-face classes, all participants are required to get vaccinated. If you have no vaccination, your best option is the online White Card course in Sydney.

You may also consider taking the virtual training if the office is too far from your home. It is also a great option for you if you are not comfortable leaving the house during this time. The classes will be conducted via Zoom session so you will need a device that is compatible with the application.

Are you interested in taking the online White Card course? You can book the session here. If you prefer the face-to-face classes, make sure you get vaccinated first. Edway Training offers Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001 courses in Darlinghurst, Seven Hills, and Mona Vale NSW. Book today and be ready for an awesome career!


Please Note: We have a maximum of 10 students per class and practising social distancing requirements of students being no closer than 1.5 metres from each other. Please refer to Edway COVID Action Plan which can be found on our website.