Important Things You Need To Know About RCG Courses Sydney
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Important Things You Need To Know About RCG Course Sydney

Things You Need To Know About RCG Courses In Sydney

Working at a casino is a great way to earn money in a fun and exciting environment. However, there are certain requirements if you want to work in a gambling establishment. People who work in casinos need to take RCG course Sydney before they can get proper certification. The training is important in their line of work.

What Is RCG Course?

Responsible Conduct of Gaming training is a required course for people who work in the gambling industry. In RCG course Sydney, you will be taught how to maintain safety in your workplace. In addition to that, participants will learn how to identify potential negative issues associated with gambling addictions. You will only get your certification after completing the course.

What Will I Learn In The Course?

When you take the RCG course, you will learn about the effects of gambling in an individual, their family, and the community. You will also be taught how to implement rules in the workplace and how to deal with minors. Likewise, participants will learn how to spot individuals with gambling addictions. These are all important in implementing safety in the workplace.

Gambling is not the only issue that will be discussed during training. Since alcohol is served on the premises, you will also learn to advise patrons from drinking too much.

What Are The Requirements For RCG Course?

Before you can undergo training, you will need to present one form of valid identification like a passport or driver’s licence. You also need to have a basic understanding of the English language. Moreover, you are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the course starts to fill up the necessary paperwork.

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