Important Steps To Remember When Treating First Aid Child Allergy

Important First Aid Steps To Remember When Treating Child Allergy

There is little doubt that parents are always looking out for their children and are eager to keep them safe. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot protect them from invisible allergens that could trigger a reaction. This is why it is always best to be prepared with the right knowledge. Here are a few tips you need to remember when treating first aid child allergy.

An allergic reaction can be triggered by several different types of allergens. Most parents stay away from food that usually triggers a reaction like peanuts and whole nuts. It is also best to keep an eye out for insects whenever you are outdoors with your children. But if the worst happens, here are important first aid steps to remember.

  1. Do not panic. Child allergy can be a scary thing for parents but it is important for you to stay calm. This way, your child will understand that they should not panic as well. Keep a clear mind so you can help your kid first.
  2. Give the child antihistamine. Antihistamines can immediately alleviate symptoms and provide the patient some comfort. NOTE: Antihistamines only work for minor allergies. For a severe allergic reaction, adrenalin needs to be administered.
  3. Use cold compress to ease discomfort. The child may complain about itchiness due to hives. Get some ice or topical creams to ease the itchiness while waiting for the antihistamine to work.

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