How To Protect Your Kids From Winter Flu?

How To Protect Your Kids From Winter Flu

It’s that time of the year when sniffles are a trend and the winter flu can really hit hard. However, this is certainly something you want to avoid. Although adults are likely to get the winter flu, children are more vulnerable to catching a cold this season. This is why parents must be prepared for a possible case of influenza.

What Is The Winter Flu?

During the colder season, more people are prone to suffering from influenza. However, it isn’t caused by the cold weather itself. The flu comes from the influenza virus that becomes more active during winter. It spreads easily when you come in contact with someone who has the flu.

Although it is a relatively mild illness, flu can be dangerous for children and older people. This is because their immune system is not as strong as adults. Unfortunately, this could lead to pneumonia or other secondary infections. This is why kids and the elderly must be protected from the flu.

How To Prevent Winter Flu

One sure-fire way to avoid the flu virus is to minimise contact with someone who is sick. The virus can be airborne and could easily be passed just by being in the same room. Invest in a face mask that covers the child’s nose and mouth. Make sure to always wash your hands when you are around someone who is sick.

It is best to bring the children and older people to get the flu shot. It has minimal side effects and is one of the best ways to avoid getting the winter flu.

As a parent, you must be prepared for instances when your child gets sick by learning Childcare First Aid. Edway Training offers Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting HLTAID004 courses in Melbourne so book today and be ready this winter.