How Do I Get My RSA Certification? Your Go-To Guide From Edway Training
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How Do I Get My RSA Certification? Your Go-To Guide From Edway Training

Keen to work in the hospitality industry in Australia? Getting your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification is a crucial step. But how exactly do you go about it? Let’s break it down with this easy guide from Edway Training:

RSA Course Essentials

First things first: why is RSA training necessary? It’s mandatory for a range of roles in the liquor and hospitality industry, including licensees, managers, security staff, and service personnel. Essentially, it’s about ensuring everyone involved in serving alcohol understands their responsibilities for promoting safe and responsible drinking.

Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and get your RSA certification. Great choice! But before you jump in, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  1. Make Sure You’re Eligible: RSA training is required if you’re new to the industry or if your competency card has expired after 28 days or more.
  2. Apply For Your RSA Competency Card: Once you’ve successfully completed the course and received your interim certificate, it’s time to apply for your RSA competency card through Service NSW. This card is your ticket to working in the liquor industry.
  3. Refresh Your Knowledge: Your RSA competency card is valid for five years, after which you’ll need to complete a refresher course to renew it. It’s important to keep your certification current so you can continue pursuing your hospitality career without disruption!

Online Training Convenience

At Edway Training, we understand that life can be busy. That’s why we offer RSA training online, giving you the flexibility to attend our online classes and study in the comfort of your own home. With access to all the resources you need, excellent instructors and the ability to do your training wherever you are, getting your RSA certification has never been easier.

What You Will Learn

During your RSA training, you’ll cover a range of topics essential for serving alcohol responsibly, including:

  • Understanding alcohol service laws and age verification procedures.
  • Promoting responsible drinking and recognising signs of intoxication.
  • Responsibly refusing service to intoxicated patrons.
  • Techniques for managing conflicts and maintaining a safe serving environment.

With Edway Training, you’re not just getting a certification—you’re gaining valuable knowledge and skills that will set you up for success in the hospitality industry. Our online training platform offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to study at your convenience wherever you are most comfortable.

Plus, with our comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, you’ll be fully equipped to navigate the legal framework, promote responsible drinking, and handle challenging situations with confidence. Click here to enrol in our RSA training course, or visit our website for more information!