Here's How You Can Still Use Your Old Victorian Red Card
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Here’s How You Can Still Use Your Old Victorian Red Card Melbourne

Are you wondering if you can still use your old Victorian Red Card Melbourne? Most people who have the card are unsure if it is still valid. Some are also worried that replacing it would cost too much time and effort. Luckily, there is a way so you can still use the Red Card Melbourne certification. This way, you can continue working in construction in Victoria.

The Victorian Red Card was the certification you receive after completing basic OHS induction training for the construction industry. It was a prerequisite for all workers who go on to Victorian construction sites. However, the card has since been replaced with the new WorkSafe VIC issued White Cards.

So can you still work in construction with the old Victorian Red Card? Unfortunately, the certification is no longer accepted. However, you can easily replace your old card for the new WorkSafe VIC White Card. Interestingly, you don’t even need to undergo new training to get the new card.

Red Card holders can now get it transferred to the new White Card. It is a simple step that doesn’t require new training. Just head for an accredited provider with your old card as well as a valid form of ID. Note: You must bring the original Red Card with readable numbers since copies and unreadable cards are not accepted.

It is also important to bring the correct type of identification. It must be a government-issued I.D. that contains your name, date of birth, and photo. Accepted I.D.s include passports, an Australian Driver’s License, proof of age card and student card. Remember that the transfer will not be accepted if you don’t have a valid I.D.

Are you ready to get your old Victorian Red Card transferred to the new White Card? Visit the Edway Training locations in Melbourne, Hallam, or Sunshine VIC.