Here's How Underage Drinking of Alcohol Is Dealt With In Sydney
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Here’s How Underage Drinking of Alcohol Is Dealt With In Sydney

Here's How Underage Drinking of Alcohol Is Dealt With In Sydney

There is little doubt that going out to enjoy the nightlife also means having an alcoholic beverage or two. This is perfectly fine if you are an adult but can a minor also party with some liquor in Australia? Like other countries, Australia has laws that prohibit underage drinking of alcohol Sydney. Here’s how Sydney deals with this problem.

Is Underage Drinking of Alcohol Allowed in Sydney?

Every country in the world has laws that prohibit minors from liquor consumption. The same thing can be said about Australia where the legal drinking age is 18. With that in mind, you must be 18 or older to buy or drink alcohol at licensed venues. In addition to that, it is illegal to sell alcoholic drinks to those who are already drunk or intoxicated.

What is The Punishment?

Minors might try to purchase alcohol by using a false ID to get into licensed venues. If you are below 18 years and you enter an establishment that sells liquor, there are major consequences. You may be issued an on-the-spot penalty of $220 and could later get fined up to $2,200 in court. Additionally, a judge may decide to have 6 months added to your provisional driver’s licence.

Underage drinking of alcohol is a major issue in Sydney and should not be taken lightly, especially by licensed venues. This is why employees working in such establishments are required to take the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol SITHFAB002 course. The training will help them deal with minors and intoxication in their workplace.

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