Important Bartender Training Requirements in Sydney
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Here Are Important Bartender Training Requirements Sydney

Here Are Important Bartender Training Requirements in Sydney

Most people believe that working at a pub means you’ll have to learn how to make a proper Martini. However, there are other more important things required before you can even serve alcohol. Here are some of the important bartender training requirements Sydney.

What are the Bartender Training Requirements in Sydney?

Bartending is a skill that is learned on the job so memorising cocktails isn’t something to worry about immediately. The most important thing that an aspiring bartender need is the NSW RSA certificate. The certification can only be obtained by completing the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training program. This is one of the most important mandatory legal requirements you’ll need in Sydney.

What Happens in the RSA Course?

The course provides participants with skills and knowledge contribute to a safe, enjoyable environment in licensed premises that sell alcohol. It covers alcohol-related topics like facts about the liquor industry and benefits of responsible service of alcohol. Additionally, you learn about intoxication, strategies for responsible service of alcohol, and refusal of service. Moreover, you are given information about underage drinking, selling packaged liquor and related functions.

How Do I Take the RSA Course?

Are you eager to complete your bartender training requirements in Sydney? You must first take the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) indicator to determine your eligibility. Once you pass, you will be asked for a valid form of identification before taking the course. Participants are also expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the course starts.

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