Green Card NSW, Blue Card Qld - Which Card Training do I need?
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Green Card NSW, Blue Card Qld – Which Card Training do I need?

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Green Card NSW, Blue Card Qld, Induction Card Training, White Card Australia, Ohs Card, Red Card Victoria, OH&S Card, Blue Card WA – there are so many ‘cards’; it can be a bit confusing to know which are the ones you will need, or need to replace. If you are new to working within the construction industry, an owner/builder, need to replace an Induction Card, or have older accreditation which is no longer valid – you will need to be re-accredited for having completed your White Card training.

Here’s just a quick guide to help you sort out which is valid construction card training;

Type of Card Use Of The Card Can I still Use It?

Ohs Card

(OH&S Card)**

All proof of Construction Industry Training cards, are actually an Ohs Card (OH&S Card). An Ohs Card, or White Card Australia shows the person who is carrying it has successfully completed their Occupational Health and Safety or General Induction Card Training**. Yes and no, in most states you can use an Ohs Card (OH&S Card) if it is up-to-date**.
Green Card NSW The Green Card NSW was a state based card that proved the person named on the card had successfully completed the General Induction Card Training.

This card has been phased out and is no longer recognised. Everyone who had this card must have replaced them with White Card NSW training.

No, you cannot use Green Card NSW in any state in Australia.
Induction Card Training  

Induction Card Training is also known as;

·         General Induction Training

·         The White Card Australia Course

·         OH&S Card Course

These are all different names for the ‘CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry’ (White Card) Course’ workers need to have successfully completed if they need to regularly enter any Australian Construction Worksite.


Anyone who is required to regularly go onto a Construction Worksite – must have successfully completed valid General Induction Card Training.
Blue Card Qld

early childhood education and care (ECEC)

Some Blue Card Qld, or  early childhood education and care (ECEC) Cards, are NOT A CONSTRUCTION OH&S CARD

Blue Card Qld cards can be ‘Working With Children’ cards, and are required as proof the carrier has completed a course which focuses on risks and hazards associated with Child Care.

Yes, Blue Card Qld – Early Childhood Education And Care (ECEC) cards, are still in use – BUT NOT IN THE CONSTRUTION INDUSTRY
Blue Card Qld


A Blue Card Qld was an OH&S Card issued for Construction Industry employees. They are no longer issued and have been replaced by White Card Australia training. However, if your Blue Card Qld is still valid and your details are correct, you will be able to enter worksite.


Yes, in some cases valid Blue Card Qld training is still recognised.

However, many employers expect workers to now have their White Card Australia training.

Blue Card WA Like the Blue Card Qld, Blue Card WA induction has been replaced by White Card Australia training. If the card is still valid and details are correct, Blue Card WA carriers can still enter a worksite.


Yes, although Blue Card WA has been phased out, valid older Blue Card WA can still be used
Red Card Victoria Similar to the above Blue Cards, the Red Card Victoria is still a recognised form of a valid Ohs Card. Anyone who doesn’t have the older Red Card Victoria is now expected to be carrying proof they have White Card Australia training. Yes, older Red Card Victoria induction is still recognised. However, White Card Australia training is now required.

** most states will recognise pre White Card Australia certification, however each state requirements vary, so check the regulations of the state you are working in.

If you are required to regularly visit Construction Industry worksites, a valid White Card Australia is the only proof of General Induction Card Training, which can be used nation-wide, throughout Australia.

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This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to attend one of Edway’s Courses we highly recommend that you talk to professional recruiters in the specific industry or organisation you are seeking to enter, to advise on their SPECIFIC requirements.