First Aid Tips You Should Remember When Taking Care Of A Baby
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First Aid Tips You Need To Remember When Taking Care Of A Baby

There is little doubt that taking care of infants can be nerve-wracking, especially for new parents. Babies can be delicate so people are understandably concerned about doing the right thing at all times. But what if you have an unexpected emergency situation involving an infant? This is why it is important to know the proper first aid tips in taking care of a baby.

First Aid Tips for Babies

It is best to remember that babies are tougher than they look but still need special care during emergencies. For instance, the first aid usually used to stop a child from choking won’t work on an infant. Luckily, there are easy tips you can remember in case you have a baby emergency.

  1. Be wary of head injuries.

Sometimes a baby might hit their head by accident but it is important to monitor the child. Watch out for the child becoming drowsy or vomiting after a head injury. The best option in these cases is to bring them to the hospital immediately.

2. The proper Heimlich maneuver for babies. If an infant starts choking, turn them over and administer firm back blows between the shoulder blades. You may also need to perform chest thrusts by placing two fingers in the middle of the baby’s chest. Repeat until the object is dislodged.

3. Learn proper CPR. Performing CPR on infants is different from adults. This is why it is important to take proper first aid training.

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