Dodgy Traffic Management Course and Traffic Control Course Traps

Dodgy Traffic Management Course and Traffic Control Course Traps

Did you hear the one about the guy who spent all that money on a Traffic Management Course and a Traffic Control Course?

He found the exact job he wanted, in an area close by him, turned up for work and found that all his money, time and effort we were wasted. The Traffic Management Course and Traffic Control Course, he’d paid good money for, were dodgy, and his accreditations weren’t even worth the paper they’d been printed on. There was no way possible he could start doing the ‘very well paid’ job he’d worked hard to get.

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  1. Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  2. Edway says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback.
    It’s great to hear that you found the article useful.

  3. Abdirisak A Abdi says:

    Edway training is nice place to be the they are good teacher and they make you welcom the place and they make me comfortable although english is my four language but still they make me to understand easy way traffic management they good people and i told all my friends to go edway tranig to get traffic management they best people to understand edway they don’t care if your English too poor they sit with you face to face to make you understand what they teach they are the best people am forward to come back to get certificate two and white car

  4. Edway says:

    Hi Abdirisak,

    Thanks for the kind words. We are glad that you’ve enjoyed the course.

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