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Childcare First Aid Sydney – Do You Know What To Do?

One of the big problems with caring for children is that we don’t really know if our Childcare First Aid Sydney skills are up to scratch or not; until there’s an incident or accident and we’re called on.

More often than not, correct responses need to be taken quickly and decisively.

Most carers have some sort of basic understanding about how to respond to most of the common Childcare issues, but what about more tricky challenges. Would you be one of the carers who waste precious time looking for a first aid book, or worse still googling key words?

Comprehensive, and constantly updated Childcare First Aid Sydney training, can increase your chances of quickly making the best first aid choices.

See how you go answering some of these questions. They are designed to test your knowledge about appropriate reactions to some of these common children’s issues. However, remember, it’s always easier to recall this knowledge calmly and in the privacy of your home.

  • Do you pinch the nose and tilt the head of a baby when you’re giving C.P.R.?
  • What’s the first step you need to take if a child in your care eats some heart medication?
  • How do you tell if a cut needs a band aid or stitches?
  • What are the correct Childcare First Aid Sydney procedures for a broken tooth?
  • How do you treat a child with a peanut allergy if they have accidently come in contact with peanut butter?
  • What is the correct way to use an asthma pump?
  • What is the first C.P.R. step?
  • Do you let a child go to sleep after they’ve fallen out of a high chair and hit their head onto a tile floor?
  • Is it a good Childcare First Aid Sydney practise to put cold water on a burn?

If you’ve hesitated when answering any of these questions, then the chances are you either need to attend a Childcare First Aid Sydney course to update your First Aid skills. Even if you are confident you know how to react to every first aid event, imagine you are under the pressure of dealing with the aftermath of an accident, as well as calming an emotional and possibly screaming child. Are you sure you would know what to do?

Take steps to satisfy yourself that if any accident or incident happens to a child in your care, you would respond in the correct way.

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