Bar Work – Your Passport To A Great Gap Year In Australia

The Australian summer is extremely attractive for British and European students on their ‘gap year’. For those that don’t know, a gap year is a year spent travelling between leaving school and starting further studies such as University. Part of the challenge of a gap year is to live and work in a foreign land, getting to know the culture, the people and travelling around the country.


Australia has an incredible variety of different places from urban Sydney and Melbourne, outback NSW, tropical Queensland, the mystique of the Kimberlys in Western Australia, the South Australian wine country, and if you stick to the coast, you can surf all the way – there is something for everyone. All you need is a camper van, a surf board and some pocket money.


For unskilled workers finding work that allows you to meet people, and travel isn’t as simple as it sounds.  However, if you are over 18 years of age, for as little over $100 Australian dollars, you can get a qualification to work behind a bar that serves alcohol in a club, bar, pub or at public and private events. A  Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is essential if you are applying for positions that require you to serve alcohol. You must also check your Australian visa status to make sure you are legally allowed to work while you are visiting – depending on your age and country of origin, a 6 month working visa is not uncommon.


See what you learn in an RSA class.


Once you have your RSA certificate, you are then entitled to minimum wage and all fair work entitlements under the Australian Fair Trading Commission.


Working in bars and clubs will help you form a network of new friends and give you an instant social life. You will meet new travelling companions and be able to move from place to place with at least one useful qualification to help you get work as you go. You can also add a RCG (responsible conduct of gambling) certificate to further enhance your employment opportunities.


Edway Training offers RSA courses in Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool.

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RCG training is offered in Sydney CBD and Liverpool.

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