A Guide For Travellers – Construction Jobs

For foreign travellers, working as a manual labourer on building sites, or as part of an infrastructure development is a great way to earn some money while you are in Australia. If your visa conditions allow you to work as an unskilled worker, you can find jobs in almost any part of the country as there is always construction or infrastructure projects underway.


Tips for getting – and keeping – labouring jobs in Australia:


Get your resume professionally written.

A lot of people do not know that there are services which you can pay for to create you a stunning resume which will make yours stand out from the other applicants applying for the same role. They usually charge between $60-$120 depending on the number of pages you wish to include. They will also give you interview tips, tell you what employers are looking for and how to answer those tough questions you may find interviewers ask. From personal experience, it does work. and usually it has paid for itself with your first pay cheque! Certainly a worthwhile investment!


If you are going to prepare your resume yourself be sure to include the following things:

  • List experience chronologically from most recent until least recent. Employers rarely care about your first fast food job!
  • List Australian experience and qualifications first, then list overseas credentials.
  • DO NOT list overseas contact phone numbers! If your resume has an overseas mobile number



Where to find labouring jobs:

Casual labouring via the backpacker accommodation

Many backpacker hostels have a system where builders, landscape designers and demolition businesses will call up and leave details of work – it is up to you to call them back and organise where you need to be and when. Be aware that many of these ‘opportunities’ may not be above board and you may not be covered for essentials such as workers compensation for example.


Through labouring agencies

Most major cities will have agencies that connect employers with workers looking for causal or part-time labouring work. An agency such as Edway Labour Hire specialise in labour hire for both small and large jobs. An agency will help you get the right qualifications and make sure you are paid the right amount for the work you do. Labour agencies also protect you against unscrupulous employers.


We also do recommend searching the following websites for labouring jobs:
Backpacker Job Board
Backpacker Jobs Australia


Australians respect a good work ethic.

  • Do turn up on time
  • Don’t ‘slack off’ (meaning not work as hard as everyone else)
  • Do undertake all tasks willingly
  • Do take pride in the work you do
  • Do smile – a willing worker is always welcome back


You can stay fit, and keep your evenings free for socialising – and you can do this anywhere in Australia provided you have some basic qualifications such as your White Card. A White Card is essential if you are going to be working as a labourer – but the good news is, a White Card is very easy to get, never expires (unless you have been out of the industry for 2 years) and it is valid nationwide.


Edway Training specialise in expert face-to-face White Card training and offers courses 6 days a week.
Please follow the links to see our NSW Training Schedule and our VIC Training Schedule.