5 Reasons Why You Should Take Short Courses Melbourne

Short Courses Melbourne

Edway’s Short Courses Melbourne can offer a different pathway for your future career. Not every school leaver is destined to go to university. Career changers don’t always want to stay in the same job for years on end. And many employees are ready to take the next step and skill up for a senior role. Future workplace opportunities can be created by the right person gaining certification in one of the many Short Courses Melbourne Edway has to offer.

Why you should choose an Edway’s Short Course Melbourne

Victorian Civil Construction is Booming

The Victorian Government has prioritised and doubled the funding for ‘infrastructure’ growth over the next four years. The last Victorian Budget committed about $2bn in the road sector, up to $2bn in the rail sector, $116m over the next 3 years to improve water security, and well over $1.5b to other civil investments.

And, of course, all this investment means lots of jobs, not only in the civil construction industries, but all the other support industries as well. The numbers of essential careers in Childcare, Health, and Manufacturing – are all expected to increase as Victoria’s population growth keeps on increasing.  And even not so essential careers, such as jobs within the Leisure Industry, are also set to grow. Make sure you’re positioned to take advantage of Victoria’s booming economy by achieving a Short Course Melbourne accreditation.

Short Courses Melbourne don’t carry a massive HECs debt

The last Federal budget lifted all HECs fees a massive 7.5% over the next four years. HECs fees can be as costly as $75,000 for a degree (and that’s only if you pass all your units). And yet, the average pay for first year university graduates is usually lower than what can be earned from other trade qualifications. Of course, a lot of Short Courses are more for upskilling and ‘value adding’ to already existing trade qualifications. However, there’s not too many work certificates that are as easy on your bank balance, as our Short Course Melbourne accreditations.

Increase your pay

Although some Edway Short Course Melbourne Certifications are designed for entry level employment, the many are aimed at building onto your existing trades and skills.

Edway’s entry level Short Courses Melbourne includes,

Ø  White Card Training

Ø  Responsible Service of Alcohol

Ø  Childcare First Aid

Ø  First Aid

Ø  Traffic Control

But, the Short courses Melbourne which can give you a real boost in your pay-packet or a change in the direction of your career includes,

Ø  Asbestos Removal

Ø  Traffic Management

Ø  Supervise Asbestos Removal


Your Short Course Melbourne Certification is usually an Internationally Recognised Qualification

If you are aiming to travel and work overseas, you need to know not all Uni courses are recognised in other countries. However, nearly all Edway’s Short Courses Melbourne are Internationally Recognised.

Enrol in a Short Course Melbourne Certificate in the area of work that suits you. Despite what you might have been told, not everyone is right for University. There is a massive drop-out rate from most University Courses. And the majority of people within the workforce are quite content carrying out their daily job without a University Degree.

We are not suggesting that everyone is going to be happy working in careers that don’t require a University degree. But, what we are saying is choose a career pathway that suits your own personal skills and qualities. Don’t saddle yourself with a HECs debt if you are unsure what type of career you should choose. Edway’s Short Courses Melbourne Certificates are a good place to either start, or head your career in a different direction.

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This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to attend one of Edway’s Courses we highly recommend that you talk to professional recruiters in the specific industry or organisation you are seeking to enter, to advise on their SPECIFIC requirements