Four Reasons Why You Should Get A White Card In Sydney Today
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4 Reasons Why You Should Get A White Card In Sydney Today

4 Reasons Why You Should Get A White Card In Sydney Today

White Card is a must in the construction industry, there’s a good reason why more people are pursuing a career in the construction industry these days. Working in construction guarantees a stable and good income while providing some great benefits. Are you still unconvinced about getting a White Card and starting a new career? Here are four of the awesome perks that the construction industry has to offer.

Great salaries.

There are several positions in construction where you can earn more than $50,000 annually. For instance, the average annual salary for a contract administrator is $63,000 while a project manager can earn up to $102,000 per year. Amazingly, you can earn even more when you get promoted to a higher position.

Subsidised or free insurance.

Working in construction certainly has its risks and most companies are more than happy to keep their employees safe. The insurance offered usually includes health, income protection and TPI insurance.

Travel allowance.

Working in construction could usually mean having to go to new locations depending on what the project requires. Luckily, most companies will cover the expenses on most or all of your travel.

Study leave.

Do you need to go back to school or renew your White Card certification? Most companies offer a study leave so you can still be compensated during your time away from work. In addition to that, some companies could even cover the course fee.

Working in the construction industry is truly great so it might be time to start a new career. Just remember that you will need to complete White Card training before you can begin work in Sydney.

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