4 Qualifications That Will Improve Your Construction Job Options

Once you complete a one day course and receive your white card qualification, you are authorised to work on building sites around Australia. However on these sites there will still be many roles that you are unable to perform because of licensing requirements.


Many construction industry tasks can only be performed by someone who is certified. These include driving forklifts, removing asbestos and working in confined spaces. Anyone caught performing jobs that they are not qualified for risks a heavy fine for themselves and their employer.


The good news is that in most cases, a one or two day course will mean you are certified to undertake a wider range of tasks and be far more employable. These are some of the licences that are well worth qualifying for:


Forklift Licence Sydney


To be lawfully able to drive a forklift at any workplace you must complete a two to three day course that will give you practical experience. Your licence will be granted after you have proven your knowledge and skills at the end of your training.


Once you have lodged the necessary paperwork and received a forklift permit, it is valid in Australia for a period of five years.




Incorrect handling of asbestos is very dangerous. An asbestos removal course covers preparing for removal, carrying out removal, decontaminating and cleaning up worksites. The training includes slideshow theory, videos and practical activities as well as assessments.


To sign up for an asbestos removal certification, which generally takes 8 hours, you must already hold a valid White Card.


Working in Confined Spaces


Once you have this qualification, you are able to enter and work in confined spaces and will also be legally able to operate confined space safety equipment. The training includes:


  • Identifying confined spaces
  • Hazard reduction
  • Safety and emergency procedures for working in confined spaces


A confined space course usually takes one day and will is highly useful in many industrial environments.


First Aid Course Sydney & Melbourne


If you have an understanding of First Aid you will be able to make a difference when an accident happens. A good course will cover the basics of CPR and take you through what to do in the most common emergencies. Basic training can be completed in a day and could make a difference between you and another job candidate being offered a job.


Arm yourself with one or more of these qualifications and your likelihood of employment on an Australian construction site will be considerably higher than if you only have basic White Card training.